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Ningbo Sindar Mould Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in Beilun District of Ningbo City.It has been reputed as "Home of Mould".In 1999.it transformered the system of the original DAQI SINDAR MOULD FACTORY into a limited liability company.It is professionally engaged in the design and manufacture of the die casting moulds for aluminum and magnesium castings parts,such as car engine and structural components,motorcycle engine box,box cover,petrol engine etc. It takes the die-casting moulds as the mainstay.It is a specialized manufacturer which integrates the technical support,research,development,production,sales,design,construction into a whole.The net assets is more than ninety million RMB.In 2014,it moved to the -grade mould zone and cover an area of 12,326 square meters.At present,it has 120 workers and staff members among which there are 12 intermediacte title technical personnel and 30 various engineering technicians. The company ovns more than 10 units of the highly precise adn efficient machines such as DMG machines from Germany,Makino machine tool and gun drilling machine which are suitable for the machining of the moulds. Since its establishment ,it all along persists in the objective of "regarding the quality as the life and zero-defect as the goal ",It has combined with more than 20 years' of the mould manufacturing technology and experience and utilized the advanced technology and scientific management in order to ensure the stable and reliable mould quality,the optimization and high effciency of the design and the machining.-澳门2015金沙网站-www.67389.com

It mainly has 8 departments,such as Engineering Dept.Quality Dept.etc. It is "one of 50 power Enterprises for the mould production in Ningbo City","Fine Credit Enterprise",-j158com金沙"Safety Enterprise" and so on,and win the second,third prize of the "precision mould award".



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